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" I was an atheist, a person who could neither believed in the existence of God nor any sort of horoscopes or planetary movements. It was my encounter with Rashi through a friend who made me think about this aspect of life. Since the very first meeting, she has been so perfect in all her predictions for me. She has always helped me in my thick and thins with her expert advices and healings. Whenever I meet her with any sort of problem I face, she is always patient and amiable to discuss my heart and find a solution to it with exact dates and time. No amount of money can repay her efforts when it comes to be a support. I am really very thankful to her for everything. "

Saksham Dhall
Managing Director and Founder Director, Saiworx Entertainment

" Thank u... Firstly i must compliment you for such a great work. I cannot tell you how much I rely on your predictions. I have found you more reliable and accurate than many experts I have consulted in previous years. I am very happy with my experience of astrology and I certainly will recommend it to others. In fact, I have already done so and would continue to do so. It's my pleasure and my sense of duty to inform my friend circle about you. It's amazing and wonderful experience which gives us clear picture of our present and future. Thank you from the depth of my heart for ur guidance. May god bless u and thank u for ur support. "

Kunal, Greater Kailash

" I got all the answers for my problems. Thanks a lot to you to make my life easy. As I was so harrashed and confused with my goals but after meeting you I am definately felling bless with super natural power. I strongly recommend you to get served by Rashi, you'll not be disappointed. "

Swati Jindal, New Delhi